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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 18, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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good night everybody. captioney closed captioning services, inc. >> live and at large. it's getting worse, despite the massive relief effort from arch around the globe especially from the united states the situation in earthquake ravaged haiti gets more grim by the hour. i am geraldo rivera at the airport at port-au-prince. the people of the stricken land go hungry and thirsty, even the little babies. >> we don't have food enough for the babies. we have babies that are younger than 1, and we have water for only two-days. >> as inadequate as the sincere relief effort has so far been there is relief for some haitian americans who are gradually being evacuated even as many others overwhelm the u.s. embassy trying to get
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authorization to leave a torn nation that may be slipping into anarchy. tonight even as the stars rally to the cause fox news core spn dent, jenkins, rivera, house sen and salanis we will try to give you an accurate picture of what is going wrong and what is going right in this mel lancholy and increasingly desperate place. >> there are increasing incidents of violence. we are looking at that very closely. we do need obviously a safe and secure environment to continue and do the best we can with the humanitarian system. >> welcome live to what has suddenly become one of the world's busiest and as a result noise iest airports as the relief flights, hundreds of them now every single day from every corner of the globe come flying in here to port-au-prince. the scattered capital of the
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ravaged nation of haiti bringing aid and hopefully comfort to these people even as the refugees go flowing out. the flights will be coming in throughout this special two-hour broadcast blitzing through the noise, it's the sound of hope. hillary clinton said yesterday, the world's compassion and generosity responding to the catastrophic events here in haiti. general keen who is if any one the man in charge of this relief effort said how violence is increasing. that is the truth. this morning looting broke out on a relatively large scale here in port-au-prince along the main drag, shops were being broken into and people desperate for
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food and water and others driven by greed and their own needs, their own desires, their own criminal instinct on the other hand were breaking into shops and hurting modest shop keepers who's lives are no better than theirs. this is something we saw yesterday when we visited a branch of citibank that was being looted even as we happened to drive by. >> watch. >> come on get out. >> open it. >> i am rolling, i am rolling. >> open the door. >> it's locked. >> open the door. (speaking foreign language) >> haitian authorities are taking dramatic action. captain, what is it? what's going on? what is it, captain?
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>> they are being robbering everything. >> it's the citibank they have been robbing it for several hours. >> sent on a rescue mission up here. >> up to a million dollars has been stolen from this citibank. but these officers have responded with great dispatch. firing their weapons in the air. >> they are saying why are the cops leighing -- leaving. the money is still in the ground. they are worried once the police go the robbers will be back, the looters will be back. >> they have an alleged looter here. the puerto rican security guards are saying this is one of the crooks. did he take money? >> i don't know. (speaking foreign language)
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will>> inside like 10 people. (inaudible) >> my fervent hope is that the fear of looting, the fear of violence doesn't slow down the rescue and recovery effort. the aid effort going on here the way it did in hurricane katrina where stories of looting and stories of searchers being shot at was used in some cases to have people die lert from delivering the necessary help to new orleans. the united states embassy in port-au-prince as you can image has been besiegeed by haitian americans and other americans trying to get out of this country, and by a deteriorating level of violence in the streets. earlier today my colleague orlando salinas filed this
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report. >> geraldo, our fox news edge team is supporting that it has stopped the u.s. em pass see in ha -- embassy in haiti. there are hundreds of people lining the steps of the u.s. embassy. they are telling us many of the folks are americans who are trying to get permission to leave making sure their paep pers are correct. many of them are saying they lost their paperwork in the earthquake. there are also a good number of haitians that are told are also in there hoping to convince u.s. embassy officials to grant them special permission, humanitarian reasons if you will that will allow them to leaf this country. there is some confusion we understand. there are children lined up there with their parents many haitians with luggage thinking that will be their stop. the search and rescue efforts continue nonstop as well. teams working in alpha bravo shifts, day and night crews.
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in some cases now they are being shot at. one team told us they were doing a rescue someone started shooting at them and their haitian police security cut and ran. haitians telling me the u.n.'s multi national security team have not been much help. meantime thousands more u.s. military troops are slated to arrive as early as monday. here at the airport international airport in port-au-prince stockpilstockpil and tons and tons of food, water supplies coming in from all over the world. it is being stockpiled a chunk of it right there in the infield of the airport. some of the criticism has been that it's just sitting there, but you have to remember, this has been a logistical dance for the u.s. military who indeed came in was the first to come in and begin to oversee what really is a huge, huge headache but won the military says it can handle
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and military will certainly adapt to the challenge. the next challenge is to get all of the food wa and water to specific points in port-au-prince, haiti that need food and water. >> orlando salinas thank you very much. make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, there have been rays of hope and optimism, there have been efforts, and you will see some. people thought long dead are being dragged from the rubble. you will see a congressman who used his iphone, congressman meek of florida to record a child being dragged out, surprisingly alive. but there is mostly hanging over this community and hanging over this country, a very grim pallor with the threat of violence and anarc anarchy. here is our colleague steve h r
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harig. >> we have seen the mobile units but the situation in port-au-prince is grim because of the damage from the earthquake. most of the treatment is still being done outside. >> the line to the hospital is one block long and it's not moving. a very severe form of triage at the main hospital, that woman with one leg is waiting. this woman down here obviously moaning in painless waiting. this woman here has been waiting for some time. you can see her leg is badly infected. >> this man's daughter had her leg broken in the earthquake. that leg is now infected. she was first brought to the hospital on tuesday. today is sunday. the ground is slick here with body fluids and excrement. bodies themselves stacked up and bloated after four or five days covered with flies, some in a state of undress thrown to the corner before being transported and burned. with resources strained to try
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and take care of the living it's no surprise there is such little time to care for the dead. one positive note throughout the capital city, cell phone service has been reestablished that should make it easier tore rescuers to get in touch with people with need. >> steve harrigan, thank you very much. you know, looting is opportunism that really is gross and grievo grievous, but perhaps none is as bad as what jonathan hunt saw earlier today, looters trying to rob from an orphanage. jonathan joins me live from across town. jonathan, tell us what you saw? >> geraldo, we were -- got a tip today there was a desperate situation at the house of the children of god orphanage. we traveled down there it try to
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find that orphanage. it was very gift to find indeed. as we walked along the rubble strewn street where it was located from behind a high wall we heard the voices of children singing we walked through a driveway of a neighboring house across the rebel of a dividing wall we saw an extraordinary scene 18 young children singing songs praising god led by a few staff of the orphanage who simply refused to leave. refused to leave those children stayed to look after them. in a truck with 26 babies ages 3 days to 2 years old. we were told twice since the earthquake struck gangs mer rawding gangs have gone into the orphanage and tried to steal the very little they have tried to steal literally from the mouths
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of those children. they had almost no food and almost no water. we tried to raise awareness of what was going on there. salvation army saw the reports on fox news and went in and took food to the orphanage. the spirit of the children was quite extraordinary singing the songs a real sense of dignity, a sense of cheer almost in the midst of such a terrible tragedy such awful circumstances they face. i tell you tonight, geraldo, that if those children are the future of haiti, haiti's future may look a little brighter right now. geraldo? >> i hear you, brother. thank you, jonathan hunt. in fact i mentioned brother, my brother craig rivera and i got an e-mail from an old frent, craig silverman in denver who told us that a bunch -- a group
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of denver parents had all arranged to adopt children from the very orphanage that jonathan reported from just now. craig went to that orphanage, we located it as jonathan said it was difficult to find. craig got there and found an a-pauling lack of supplies. this orphanage will play a big part in the first hour of this two-hour special report. here is part one of craig's reporting from that orphanage. >> we have broken bones that are open fractures. we have about a 50 patient ward. as you can see some of the as you can see some of the patients are
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>> how old is this baby? >> hey. he's very cute. >> beautiful little children needing help. these children stranded here on their way to families that have
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adopted them. see if we can get them some help. >> no aid organizations come here yet? >> no aid organizations. >> even one from the u.s.? >> no one yet. >> we put a sign up on the roof so they can see us from the helicopter. >> you put a distress sign on the roof of the building? >> yes. >> so they can know we need help. >> we are going to put a big sos. >> all right, that's part one of craig's package. let's go to richard and lisa harris, they are denver parents who are in the process of
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adopting two haitian children from that orphanage. tell us what your fears were when you reached out to us? >> geraldo, first of all thank you very much for taking a personal interest and getting out there with your crew, because before you got out there it was an absolutely horrific situation. they have been out of food and bought -- water. one of the nannies was deceased as we understand it. there was a dead body on the premises. this is a facility that is only 2 kilometers from the airport. these are kids that are in process with adoptive parents in the u.s. that are ready, willing and able to take them. we need to get them out now.
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>> take a shot, peter, craig, man that camera around the orphanage right now. craig, i will come to you live after this brief commercial. we will be right back live from that orphanage. we will give you an update on the children of lisa and rick after this. 
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>> let's go right to brother craig who is at the orphanage. craig, i know that later in the program we will show the video of your a riving thee -- arrivie with supplies. i also know we coaxed and they of their own accord got u.s. aid
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to go there with some doctors. why don't you tell the ladies and gentlemen of our audience what the current situation is at the orphanage, craig? >> geraldo, you may not be able to see it but i am holding one of the many children we reported on and jonathan hunt reported on. i am holding 2 month olde esthe. she came here when she was only five days old. she is a gorgeous infant. apparently thanks to the good work of pierre alexis the director of the children of the house of god, did an incredible job with these children. tell me about these children, how are they doing. apparently the u.s. aid workers bringing in doctors say they are in excellent health thanks to you. >> yes. i praise god for this. we were worrying about them, because we didn't have enough water for them and we didn't
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have food and stuff like that. formula especially. they say they are healthy. >> geraldo, it was an assessment team that came in. they came in and looked at every child in this orphanage today. most of them excellent health. some of them suffering from conjunctionivitytis. no injuries as a result of the quake? >> no injuries. praising god for this. >> you did have some casualties. you did have a nanny who perished? >> yes, we have a nanny that perished, two of her children. we have another nanny that has a baby that perished, too. many lost their houses it's very sad and makes it difficult for
12:25 am
them to come to work. >> it's a tenuous situation here. look behind me -- >> craig, craig. can you put richard and lisa harris' babies on camera? can you let the harris' see their babies that they are so desperately worried about? when you find those babies in the meantime let me ask lisa, is your anxiety some what relieved by the fact that the children are okay and the state department says they are getting on the case to get those adopted babies in the arms of the loving parents who want to nurture and care for them, lisa? >> we are hugely relieved to know that they have attention and they have water and food. they are not totally relieved until we know those children are in a safe place, even if that is
12:26 am
not in our arms. where they are right now is not a safe place. >> can you describe, lisa, what it feels like for a mom to want to hold a baby separated a catastrophe and now by anarchy? >> it's a helpless, horrible feeling. the only thing we can do sitting this far away from that place is do everything possible to speak to every one we can to get safety to those children and we will not stop until we know that has happened. you have been incredibly helpful in beginning that process, but we need the process to go all of the way through to those children being in a safe place with dependable food and water, not just the children, the nannies included. but the children are a huge
12:27 am
priority. >> craig, what's your status right now? i can't see you. what's going on? >> well, geraldo, a lot of the children have gone to sleep. the children the harrises have adopted we are gathering them upbringing them over right now. i see one of the aids coming over right now and she is going to -- what's this baby's name? >> ima. >> how old is she? >> i think she is around 2 years old. >> 2-year-old ima. >> and the other baby? >> she is one year now. >> one year and a half. >> geraldo, you can see he's in excellent shape. the children are. they are very sleepy. >> we have to take a break, craig.
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from america's news headquarters i'm rick folbaum. president obama in massachusetts stumping for the democrat in the late senator ted kennedy's seat. some polls have martha coakley in a dead heat with republican senator scot brown. a brown victory would break the democratic majority in the senate and could complicate the passage of healthcare legislation. the special election takes place on tuesday. a motel fire in alabama killing four college students. it happened at a two story hotel in the town of hoover. firefighters knew the four women were trapped in their room but couldn't get to them because of the flames. they were students atldo
12:31 am
mississippi university for women about 40 miles a way. now, back to gerald "geraldo a" right here on the fox news channel. port-au-prince, haiti, we have all right we have some problems with our computer. we have with us congressman kendrick mede of the 17th district in florida. no politician in the united states is more personally affected by the tragedy here in haiti. little haiti in miami is entirely and congressman meek's district. how are your constituents faring? we are trying to get the computer situation sorted out to show the video of the dramatic rescue you witnessed but how are your constituents faring? >> they are suffering, many lost family members. they are also concerned about the family members. miami dade firefighters are
12:32 am
here, rescue team. i have been with them half a day. and they rescued the 3-year-old little girl and they are rescuing a woman and two children right now. so i am very excited to be here. i also feel that it's a long-term recovery and many of my constituents will be a part of that recovery. in florida there are a lot of volunteers, a lot of missions, southern baptists are very much involved in what's going on here. so geraldo, i am very excited about all of the love that is pouring out throughout the world. especially from florida and from the united states. >> are you worried about the historic corruption here, the selfishness, incompetence of haitian governments in recent years? >> majority of the resources goes to nongovernment amount organizations that have a very governance practice here survived in this climate. but i believe we will be fine. i believe president roval has a good outlook for the future of
12:33 am
the country. it's really a bad situation out there and there's a lot more to do. >> if you can stand by i want to get the video sorted out. in the meantime let's go to kimberly guilfoyle who has a special guest in the studio in new york. kimberly, take it away. >> thanks geraldo. back in the studio in new york i have a special guest with me from fuji. you are obviously deeply concerned about your country. tell us what you would like to say to the viewers about how we can help make this situation better? >> obviously the fist thing is to donate money, because that's what they need first right now. they can't get any supplies into haiti because of the airport situation and logistics. we want to learn about the short term, getting food, water, getting clothing and shelter for these people in haiti. >> you have an organization that you work with with yclef as
12:34 am
well. what can people to to donate money to your organization? >> they can donate by dialing 501-501 or >> so far you have raised $1 million. >> that was in one day or two-days. i think it's more than that. i am not keeping count. i want to make sure we are getting what we can from all over the world. especially america they have been very gracious toward haiti. >> people are concerned because they want to make sure when you see the chaos and what's going on over here you hear the looters and orphanages being robbed we want to make sure the money is going to the people who desperately need it. you have thoughts on that. >> i have been speaking to a colleague of mine jason mccall from the obama administration. we have been urging to try to set up a watch dog task force to make sure every penny actually do get to the haitians. they have been in haiti for 75
12:35 am
years. all of the money have not been getting to the haitians. >> you have a problem with that with the present government and situation you feel the funds have not been getting to the people who need it. relief has been sent before this time, before the tragedy and the devastating earthquake. >> i have a major problem with the government. think of it like this, mon one the main issues is there is no infrastructu infrastructure. you can't get help to the haitians all of the aid gets caught in the political web. this is a disaster that's mother nature but there are no roads, there's no airports. these are the kind of corruption that we want to try to get away from, especially now with all of the funds that are coming into haiti. i am going to keep a close eye. my whole out cry is basically setting up a watch dog task force to make sure every single ngo, every penny actually gets to the haitian people right now. >> and there's also some outreach tonight with respect to
12:36 am
the golden globes. you have george clooney involved with yclef and 100,000 from the press. >> my agency is pledging 130,000 and matching all employees who give up a dollar they are matching a dollar. at the same time we are working hard to make sure once again i can't emphasize it any more that every single dime get to these haitians. it's like apocalypse down there. i am going down there this week to see the whole thing for myself. that's what we want to emphasize. >> have you received assurances from the obama administration that ger to go to monitor the situation and help establish the infrastructure that government base they need to to make sure the funds go to the right places? >> i spoke to jason mccall who is part of this whole effort. he's assuring me he has been talking to president obama and making sure that we set up some kind of system. president obama a couple days
12:37 am
ago pledged 100 million and they just got together with president clinton and bush to pledge another 500 million. these are tax payer's money. therefore i think every tax payer wants to make sure if they are going to at least help and send that kind of money during a recession we are going through right now at least make sure it gets to the people and helps to build the infrastructure. for example hospitals, schools they have none of that going on at haiti any more. >> the prison collapsed there's 1,000 prisoners unaccounted for wandering the streets. they were robbing citibank. geraldo was on the scene when that was going down. as we mentioned earlier the footage of the orphanage that has been hit as well. >> it gez back to the point i was making, had the government not been so corrupt tive and build the infrastructure, they are like card bore. you get a little earthquake they are going to run wild. that's the whole point. >> you blame the government for a large part of what has
12:38 am
happened with this disaster because it wasn't set up properly. >> 100 percent i blame the government. that's why yclef set up in haiti. haiti is no comparison to all of the other ngo's that have been down there for 75 years. >> so what's your message you want to send to the viewers. contribute, what else can they do to help. >> i would say contribute. also we have to make sure our administration holds the haitian government accountable and the ngo's. we have to make sure someone is going to take responsibility for the money that are coming in. >> all right. thank you so much for being with us tonight. wish you best of luck with your efforts. good luck with your trip down to haiti. geraldo, back to you in port-au-prince. >> kimberly, thanks. here i am with congressman meek. we have the footage now of the
12:39 am
child's rescue. roll that and tell me what you saw. >> i am sorry. i couldn't hear you. >> tell me what you saw? >> oh my goodness, the joy on that father's face. the whole neighborhood was clapping. it was a very emotional time even for some of the rescuers and yours truly. after five days, five and a half days the little girl like that still living, it's just -- it let's you know there is a god. we are very excited about the work that many of the men and women are doing. >> so it's not just a recovery mission, it's still a relief and rescue mission. >> absolutely. absolutely. like i told you, i am going back tonight because they are rescuing a young lady and her two children. they are going to have to go through a lot of concrete but they are going to get them. we are excited about that. that's very, very exciting not only for us but people throughout the world watching this rescue effort.
12:40 am
>> congratulations and good luck. >> thank you. >> congressman kendrick meek his mama was a famous congresswoman herself. i want to take a commercial break. when we come back you will see what the navy is doing here in haiti. you will be enormously impressed.
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>> the aircraft carrier is going through port-au-prince as long as the empire state building is high 100,000 tons of power greeted by the executive officer commander putnam brown. i was shown a prime example of navy ingenuity. >> what is this gizmo? >> we have a machine they built it should deliver water to the guys on the beach as soon as we get good bottles and jugs to put them in we will bring water to the beach. we figure 120 gallons per minute with this. >> what's the source of the water? >> the source of the water is from our reactor, we can take the salt water out of the ocean and get fresh water to the guys on the beach. >> this is the kind of quantity that they need on that beach. >> yes, sir. >> after thanking the crew members for their service i met the commander off haiti's broken port. >> a familiar face from the tv
12:44 am
series carrier commander of strike group one he is on board the ss karl vincent our largest and perhaps most powerful war ship. admiral your task here is not war fighting, it's humanitarian. first of all how do your seamen feel about an untypical task like that? >> this is a core capability of the navy. the sailors the crew on the ship in the air wing would rather be here than anywhere else. the opportunity to make a difference here in haiti on the beach over there going through such misery is a real good opportunity for them. >> captain bruce lindsey is a skipper of the powerful vessel. we found him on the bridge of the ship. >> they wanted to see the world. not under these circumstances. if so there's an extra kick in their step. they want to help. that helps them get up every day
12:45 am
and go out. >> with due respect the most impressive crew members were the medical personnel drafted to help out in this epic disaster. >> what's this? >> we have a patient that had a wall fall on her foot and fra fractured the foot. we are trying to save the foot right now. >> major katherine burn is a tufts trained surgeon. >> we were concerned before we brought her back to the operating room. we were able to get the wounds aligned and she has a good pulse. if we can get her to an orthopedic surgeon sometime in the near d future we may be abl to save her foot. >> our happiest was the youngest person on board. >> what's this event? >> a mom and baby found by the coast guard. actually the mother was actually pregnant and in labor, brought over to the uss mohawk. baby was born on the uss mohawk yesterday morning and brought to us for a higher level of care. mom is doing great. baby is doing wonderful.
12:46 am
you can take a look at that baby boy and he is doing wonderful. they are both very healthy and doing great. >> that's the happiest thing i have seen since i have been here by far. griff jenkins went to one of the tent cities where a child like that would ordinarily be. before i talk to griff let's watch him in the field in action. >> what you are seeing right now is the beginning of the morning one of more than 100 flights yesterday taking water and aid to drop. they have been doing this since the day after they got here. here is this port operating base reek con on a hilltop where we landed. you can see the community and tent city behind it. finally children getting food and water. what's happening here is the military with their aid movement is starting to move their footprint out into the community. they want to get away from the
12:47 am
airport as we saw things getting backed up there. folks are finally starting to get food. it has been orderly from what we understand. people are patient. they are glad to get something today. there's a tent city where people can come. they can come up to the line to get the aid. >> so many people can help them. there are many people that cannot find nothing. since we organized we have the center we do it. >> they are marked by-lines, the zones they spoke of. they are divided in quadrants and difficu different individua responsible for those. it is very peaceful here. people are trying to live their lives dealing with what the seen. in here a young baby. >> how old? >> three months and 11 months. >> three months and 11 months.
12:48 am
>> 3 months and 11 months. >> ask her if she is okay and what she needs. >> they need food. >> food apart water. >> mike foster is in charge. colonel we are down in the refugee camps and they seem to be self organizing. you were down there, what did you see. what is your impression of what needs to happen here? >> over the last 24-30 hours we have seen organization amongst the haiti people that's been one of the big positives in trying to get the supplies out. they are organizing themselves the camp is getting divided into certain quadrants on their own. they are trying to segregate people by different needs so we can help better deliver the supplies. as we are handing supplies out there's a sense among the haitian to try to get most of the aid sent forward. that is an enormous help. that's much easier to help them help themselves than to be
12:49 am
completely reliant on the system. that interaction has been very, very helpful. >> what is the biggest concern of the people in that tent city since violence is not there. >> the organizer said toiletries and shelter. after i walked away he said food and water. toiletries. he's worried about disease breaking out. there's 18,000 during the day, 15,000 at night. the colonel said i will take anything they drop and i will take it down to that community. if they come back and have toilets and shelter they will get them out there to that community. >> griff jenkins thank you. we got the same dress memo. live from port-au-prince.
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>> welcome back to port-au-prince. one of the things adam and i noticed that some of these palates are dropped off and they sit for maybe too long. >> we noticed at one point today for an hour and a half nobody came to get any of the supplies. it has been sitting there for sometime. the countries come in leave the supplies but there's no supply chain to get out to the community. we saw the water and food and went out to an area two-miles from here and this is what we found. >> we are in the middle afield
12:54 am
off a tarmac. there are literally pallets upon pallets of water. most has been here for a couple days. we are told the u.s. is the only one is the supply chain. that means soldiers dropping it down via helicopter. they are packed for that still in the way they came in as cargo. the supply line isn't getting to the people as this stuff sits in a middle of a field. a few short miles away from the airport it's tough to find any sign of the relief. you see lines like that you see bars like this an old cement factory turned into a refugee camp. they are seemingly turning up every where. >> all right. we saw the problem. it's not fema in new orleans yet, but we would like to see a quickening of the pace of distributi
12:55 am
distribution, because if they don't get that together, this security situation will continue to deteriorate. >> absolutely. i talked to military personnel in the last few days one 15 minutes ago who said the u.s. military is doing all they can. they aren't getting enough help from other people in the supply chain. right now it's the military on the ground and really nobody else, geraldo. >> again we have a second hour of our special. hopefully the aircraft idoling the engine will go off into the sunset. i want to give you a heads up what we will be doing in the second hour. i don't know if you have a hive shot of craig up in the orphanage still, but if you do, what we want to do is tell you how the orphanage was temporarily supplied today and how those children are faring and when it is expected that those children will be making
12:56 am
their way to their adoptive parents. also we will tell you the extent, the true extent of what is happening on the far side of this airport gate where we are told the united states army has been ordered by the haitian authorities to get off the streets and come back into the airports so in agreement was carved out whereby the haitian cops are in charge of law and order outside of the airport the united states air force in the 82nd air division will continue to be in charge of security inside the airport perimeter even as the united states air force personnel are in charge of air traffic control vectoring in these various aircraft coming from the four corners of the globe with their supplies and
12:57 am
taking refugees out. so adam, very briefly we are still hopeful this thing will turnout okay despite the horrific nature and excessive tragedy. >> the military is doing everything they can. the u. u.n. has had a lot of problems. you are right geraldo. >> see you after the commercial. don't go away. we trapped kimberly in this glass box with dust! well, it's only dust. dust contains allergens... from pet dander and dust mites. - ew! - pledge traps up to... 84% of allergens in dust. allergen trappers -- that's the beauty of pledge. s.c. johnson -- a family company.
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